What's A Fresh Dope Gadget?

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What's A Fresh Dope Gadget?

Here at Fresh Dope Gadgets, we like to select ingenious items that can improve one's lifestyle. In some cases -- perhaps many -- electronics or other kinetic mechanics are involved, but it's important to think about how long human beings have been creating gadgets.

The Oldowan culture of Southern Africa dates to about 2 million years before present. Those early Homo habilis ancestors of ours produced tiny quartz, volcanic stone, and flint tools that were used for crafting and food preparation.

Even older than that, the Kenyan Lomekwi civilization dates back to 3.3 million years before present, and they predate the entire Homo species of primate (Kenyanthropus). Taking this into consideration, we don't want to look at gadgets as things that are only modern or electronic. What's important about a gadget is that it is a tool that makes an entire aspect of life easier. As human beings, we may not have even identified all aspects of human life for which we can make tools.

We scour the markets to find the best examples of gadgets that fit the 'Fresh Dope' identity, which embodies the idea that, once you learn something or feel something good in your mind or heart, the hormone dopamine is released in the brain to positively reinforce the motor skills and motivational underpinnings of that learning. This is the freshest dopamine, hence the shortening of the phrase to 'Fresh Dope'.

Hip-Hop culture also plays a role in the colloquial nature of this term. Fresh in this context means 'new' or 'nuanced' -- different than the norm, and Dope means 'cool' or 'interesting' -- culturally valuable. While analog items may not be the latest technology, there may be some newness they can bring into your life. But of course, tech is also a big influencer of our staff as well, so expect to see a great mixture of these things.

We hope to bring you the freshest, dopest gadgets to add value to you and your loved ones.